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KPHOS is a useful product to supplement both potassium and phosphorus, in the case of deficiency or increased need for these nutrients. KPHOS can be used in cases of suspected or overt deficiency of plasma phosphorus (hypophosphoremia), particularly in subjects with severe organic decay (malnutrition, anorexia) and in hypophosphatemia after renal transplantation.

Within the organism, Potassium is involved in various phenomena. Participates in muscle contraction, including that of the heart muscle, contributes to the regulation of the balance of fluids and minerals inside and outside the cells and helps maintain normal pressure by damping the effects of sodium. It can also reduce the risk of recurrent kidney stones and the possibility of verifiable bone loss during aging.

Phosphorus is found in the body both in organic and inorganic form, in bones and teeth (about 80%), but also in blood and soft tissues.

The main ingredients are milk and cheese, fish, meat, dried fruit and whole grains.

Absorption occurs as inorganic phosphate thanks to the intervention of vitamin D; factors that reduce it are: the presence of cations in the intestinal lumen that form insoluble salts, high pH and vitamin D deficiency with phosphates. The elimination of phosphates takes place with the faeces, mainly in inorganic form (ie the non-absorbed fraction) and with urine. Renal elimination is under the influence of the parathyroid hormone, which reduces its resorption.

The phosphorus requirement is comparable to that of calcium.

Phosphorus has many functions in the body:

-as tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite is a constituent of the mineral fraction of bones and teeth;

-forms high-energy bonds, such as those present in the ATP molecule and in phosphocreatine (chemical energy deposition forms);

-in the blood it constitutes an important buffer system for the regulation of the pH;

-is a constituent of enzymes, proteins, phospholipids, nucleic acids and nucleotides;

-regulates important biochemical processes such as glucose uptake, phosphorylation mechanisms and the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen;

- activates some vitamins.

KPHOS is able to counteract the excessive presence of urinary calcium, which is a risk factor for calculosis, through the chelation of alimentary calcium in the intestine.

Nutrients (mg)

* Note Values calculated on a single administration

  • Malnutrition
  • Mineral deficiencies and electrolyte imbalances
  • Electrolyte balance
  • General well-being

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