• Influpirinviral 30 compresse (AL MOMENTO NON DISPONIBILE)

Influpirinviral 30 compresse (AL MOMENTO NON DISPONIBILE)

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As winter approaches, the typical ailments come: colds, sore throats (pharyngitis), flu and para-flu syndromes. Most of these disorders and diseases are of viral origin; these are diseases that affect large sections of the population, that is, they become epidemic, as in the case of the INFLUENCE, a Ortomixovirus viral infection.

Influpirinviral is a supplement in tablets that dissolve in the mouth without sugar which can be supportive thanks to its special composition which includes Vitamin C, Zinc and Sea Buckthorn extract.

Zinc is a fundamental component of many enzymes involved in energy metabolism. It helps support the normal functioning of the immune system and, as a powerful antioxidant, also protects cells from oxidative stress.

Thanks to its marked antioxidant activity, Vitamin C helps to effectively protect cells from free radicals. It also validates the immune system by stimulating the production of interferons, which play a significant role in protecting cells from viral attacks.

The dry extract of the leafy shoots of Sea Buckthorn contains some substances that have been shown to be able both to counteract the flu viruses, thus preventing the onset of the disease, and to curb the multiplicative and infecting capacity of the virus and therefore able to help to limit the influence in the bud or, in any case, to significantly attenuate its course.

In ancient times, the Sea Buckthorn was used as an energy food for soldiers at war time and, even today, from its berries, particularly rich in vitamin C, substances with tonic-revitalizing activity are extracted. Antioxidant flavonoids and various tannins (ellagic, catechinic, gallic and gallo-ellagic) are extracted from the leaf buds, which have been found to have significant activity inhibiting the development of different strains of influenza viruses and also against others viruses and bacteria.

The leaves contain Casuarinin, an ellagic-tannin and many phenols, many of which are derived from quercetin. These phenols have an antiviral action, because they inhibit alpha-glucosidase, an important enzyme for the development of the virus. We have seen that the leaves, in vitro, are able to inhibit the activation of NF-kB, thanks to Casuarinin, demonstrating, for this reason, an anti-inflammatory effect.

It is also interesting to report that the purified dry extract obtained from leaf sprouts of Sea Buckthorn, is active against other respiratory viruses (Adenovirus, Paramixovirus, Cytomegalovirus, Respiratory syncytial virus), herpes viruses (Herpes simplex and zoster) and fever virus yellow (1).

The antiviral activity is also combined with bacteriostatic properties against the most common bacteria responsible for food poisoning (Staphilococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Shigella disenteriae), urinary tract infections (Escherichia coli) and bacterial superinfections (Streptococcus pneumoniae) of respiratory viruses ( flu, pharyngitis, etc). (2)

The extract of the leafy shoots of Sea Buckthorn also has important immunostimulant properties, which are added to those already known of Zinc and Vitamin C, recognized by the European Authorities that establish and authorize the health properties of food supplements. In fact, on cell cultures of human blood, the extract of thorny Olivello leaf sprouts increases the activity of the cells responsible for absorbing the foreign bodies from the organism (macrophages) and presenting them to the lymphocytes, so that they put in place the necessary reactions ; at the same time, the extract stimulates the production of Interleukin 6 and TNF-Alpha, substances with immunostimulatory activity. (3)

Always in vitro, the extract of thorny Olivello buds has shown ability to stimulate the production of interferon, an endogenous substance that stimulates the immune defenses, and to significantly reduce the production of a pro-inflammatory agent such as nitric oxide. (4)

Finally, the administration of the leaf buds extract to mice pre-treated with immunosuppressive substances, reduces the generation of oxygen free radicals (ROS) and stimulates the non-specific immune response, both humoral and cell-mediated. (5)

The product, also indicated for children over 3 years, can be taken both at the beginning of the cold season, as an adjunct in countering the onset of cooling disorders, and in the convalescence phase to help promote the recovery of psychophysical well-being.

Nutrients (mg)

* Note Values calculated on a single administration

  • Flu
  • Reinforce immune defenses

(1) Jain M et al, Phytomedicine 2008

(2) Kumar MS et al, Food Chem 2013

(3) Mishra KP et al, Phytother. Res. 2008

(4) Padwad Y et al, IternatImmunoPharmacol 2006

(5) Geetha S et al, Mol Cell Biochem 2005

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