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VisuTon® OPC is a dietary supplement of Vitis Vinifera, Green Tea, Biotin, Niacin, Hyaluronic Acid, Methionine, Cystine, Selenium, Zinc and Vitamins.

Main components of VisuTon® OPC:

Green Tea: the leaves of green tea are rich in antioxidant principles (polyphenols), able to protect cells from damage caused by the oxidation of free radicals.

Vitamin A: is a fat-soluble substance contained in foods of animal origin that contributes to the maintenance of a normal visual capacity. Vitamin A also contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

Vitamin B6: synonymous with pyridoxine, is a coenzyme that contributes to the normal metabolism of proteins and glycogen, also contributes to the normal synthesis of cysteine.

Lutein: is a carotenoid contained in many commonly used foods, naturally present in the eye, concentrated in the "macula lutea", an area of ​​greater visual acuity.

Vitamin E: with antioxidant effects it acts as a free radical scavenger.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is synonymous with ascorbic acid. It is an effective substance as a primary antioxidant protection both outside and inside the cells. Vitamin C and Selenium contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. It also contributes to the formation of collagen for the normal function of the skin and blood vessels. Stimulates iron absorption.

Vitis Vinifera: powder derived from the seeds and the "vital parts" of the plant, rich in phenols and anthocyanosides, in particular flavonoids. It has a beneficial effect on the microcirculation and acts as an antioxidant agent able to counteract the action of free radicals.

Zinc: Contributes to the normal visual function and normal metabolism of Vitamin A, to the function of the skin and skin appendages.

Cystine: amino acid that enters the composition of keratin, an important protein for the structure of skin appendages such as nails, hair and hair.

Methionine: is an essential amino acid. Its function is synergistic with that of Cystine.

Selenium: it is very important for its antioxidant action and helps protect cells from oxidative stress and maintain normal nails and hair.

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic Acid is the main constituent of human connective tissue.

Biotin: Helps maintain normal hair and skin.

Niacin: Niacin helps maintain healthy skin.

Nutrients (mg)

* Note Values calculated on a single administration

  • Visual deficits
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • General well-being
  • Skin and sight improvement

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