• Rekto crema 30 ml

Rekto crema 30 ml

MCR Medical Research

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Rekto cream by MCR Medical Research is a useful cream not only in case of fistulas, irritations and lesions present in the perianal area, but also to get a relief from the discomforts related to the presence of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and proctitis.

Ozonized oil, the main ingredient of Rekto cream, comes from the encounter between extra virgin olive oil and ozone. Through a bubbling process, products are created, called ozonides, in which the double bonds of fatty acids contained in the oil are saturated by 3 molecules of ozone. In this way the oxygen is imprisoned, stabilized and ready for use for topical applications. Ozone is completely neutral with respect to the human body: it does not alter the pH, does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes, does not damage hair or clothing, does not interact with drugs, does not cause allergic reactions. Ozonized oils have the additional feature of enhancing the beneficial effect of vegetable fats on epidermal cells thanks to their ability to release oxygen and thus slow down their degenerative process. The ozonization also allows the olive oil to be less oily to the touch and therefore more suitable for daily treatments.

Another component of Rekto cream is Palmitoiletanolamide (PEA), an effective natural analgesic, free of side effects, able to counteract inflammatory and painful processes. The mechanism of action of the molecule was discovered by Rita Levi Montalcini, Nobel prize winner for medicine. PEA is found in a large number of foods (peanuts, peas, eggs, soy, tomatoes) and is also produced by different cells in our body. In addition to interfering with inflammation, it reduces hyperalgesia related to peripheral nerve compression. It is a molecule with numerous potentialities, not exclusively linked to inflammation; in fact it is also useful for the treatment of chronic pain, as well as for various autoimmune diseases. It would appear that the mechanism by which PEA exerts its effects involves a reduction in mast cell degranulation, interacting with CB2-like receptors expressed by activated mast cells and sensory neurons.

Ribes nigrum (present in the formulation as an extract) is a natural remedy useful for improving circulation and recommended in case of hemorrhoids. It produces beneficial effects for the circulation and for the fragility of the capillaries. The extracts of Ribes nigrum help to alleviate many small problems, from hemorrhoids to varicose veins to the legs and it also has an anti-itching effect.

In the formulation the vItamin E is also present, which:

- Protects cell membranes by preventing peroxidation of membrane phospholipids.

- Protects vitamin A from oxidation.

- Prevents Cardiovascular Disorders.

- Protects lipoproteins from oxidation.

Finally Rekto cream also contains hyaluronic acid and glycyrrhetic acid. The first stimulates tissue regeneration and the second has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Rekto cream is contained in a 30 ml tube.

  • Chronic skin lesions and bedsores
  • Proctitis/haemorrhoids/anal fissures
  • Cicatrize
  • Relief from perianal discomfort

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