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Ozonized oil, the main ingredient of Tissukoil cream, comes from the encounter between extra virgin olive oil and ozone. Through a bubbling process, products are created, called ozonides, in which the double bonds of fatty acids contained in the oil are saturated by 3 molecules of ozone. In this way the oxygen is imprisoned, stabilized and ready for use for topical applications. Ozone is completely neutral with respect to the human body: it does not alter the pH, does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes, does not damage hair or clothing, does not interact with drugs, does not cause allergic reactions. Ozonized oils have the additional feature of enhancing the beneficial effect of vegetable fats on epidermal cells thanks to their ability to release oxygen and thus slow down their degenerative process. The ozonization also allows the olive oil to be less oily to the touch and therefore more suitable for daily treatments.

Therefore Tissukoil cream is a useful product in case of chronic skin lesions, decubitus sores and dermis ulcers as it accelerates the process of tissue repair and healing.

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Format: 50.00 ml

  • Chronic skin lesions and bedsores
  • Cicatrize

Topical applications of ozonated oil on damaged tissues (wounds of various kinds) demonstrate a regenerating and healing capacity of the lesion and this is due to a combination of factors:

- increase in the number of fibroblasts;

- increase in the number of new vessels that make the tissue more organized and sprayed;

- nascent oxygen supply on site;

-increased enzyme activity that defends against substances that damage tissues;

- sanitization thanks to the control action on the microbial flora;

- energy supply for the formation of ATP.

Its clinical use was evaluated in the treatment of dermo-epidermal lesions (for example skin ulcers) and indeed an improvement was found, as it was able to accelerate the tissue repair process.

Here is the complete experimental study:


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