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The eye contour is an extremely delicate area: a frenetic and stressful lifestyle can make it fragile, thin and not very luminous; It has been useful for the area around the eyes with an effective product on dark circles and puffiness.

Shine Booster guarantees clinically proven results; in fact it has been seen that it reduces bags and dark circles of 30% and 50% respectively. This is possible thanks to the smoothing and decongestant ingredients contained inside that reactivate the microcirculation, including Regu Age®; this patented active product of natural origin, in synergy with licorice and yeast, reduces inflammation and swelling of the eye area, giving the eyes an extraordinary brightness.

Among the main actives we find:

- Vegetal hyaluronic acid (moisturizing/smoothing): provides the right dose of hydration to the delicate skin around the eyes, favoring the relaxation of the gaze.

-Picnogenol® (patented active of natural origin): a powerful natural anti-wrinkle, able to illuminate the skin, counteracting the action of free radicals.

-Vitamin C stabilized (collagen booster/illuminating): enhances the effect of the other ingredients, favoring a radiant look, without dark circles and signs of fatigue.

-Camomile, linden, licorice and yeast (soothing/anti-inflammatory): relief to the area around the eyes and prevent inflammation.

-Betaine (protective/moisturizing): extracted from the beet, defends the skin, bringing the right amount of water to the periocular area.

-Regu Age® (anti-bags/anti-dark circles): a protein base of Rice and Soy, promotes microcirculation and the will of water retention.

- Biotechnological peptides (botox like/filler effect): smoothing the look, smoothing the expression lines of the eye contour and lip contour.

-Vitamin E (soothing/anti-erythema): takes place brightening on dark circles against relief of fragile skin around the eyes.

- Vegetal disqualane (relipidising/protective): rebalances the hydrolipidic film, favoring the natural protection mechanism of the skin.

(To consult the full INCI, visit the official website: www.zoecosmetics.it )

Shine Booster is contained in a 15 ml airless bottle; has a 6 month PAO *.

Careful scientific research has led Zoe to select natural ingredients that have the same functions as synthetic, aggressive or even harmful to the skin. In fact, cosmetics are free of petroleum-based parabens, silicones and other substances that are useless or harmful to the skin, including PEG, EDTA, animal-based ingredients, dyes, aluminum derivatives, alcohol, soap, SLES, SLS, cessation of formaldehyde, plastic microspheres. They are also vegan, tested for gluten and for 5 metals: nickel, lead, chromium, mercury and arsenic.

* Period after opening

  • Tiredness/fatigue
  • Firming/antiaging
  • Skin beauty
  • Dark
  • Dry

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