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Ingredients: Propolis tit. bioflavonoids (galangina 6%), Altea ES E / D 1: 4, Oxxynea 500r ES of fruits and vegetables, Tea Tree essential oil.

SIZE: 150 ml

Propolis contains: polyphenols (flavonoids), aromatic carboxylic acids (benzoic, cinnamic, caffeic, ferulic), coumarin, esculetol, fatty acids, wax, resin, amino acids, vitamins (from group B, C and E), aluminum, calcium, chrome, copper, iron, manganese, lead, silicie, essential oil.

Properties: antioxidant, eutrophic, antiviral (against the influenza virus), antibiotic, bacteriostatic, bactericidal and mycostatic, immunostimulant, anti-catarrhal, healing and anesthetic (local anesthetic comparable to that of novocaine), against psycho-fatigue physical, protector of circulation, permeability and capillary fragility.

Altea (Althaea officinalis) is a plant of the Malvaceae family. Useful in case of respiratory problems.

Contains: mucilage, pectin, asparagine, betaine, lecithin, phytosterol, flavonoids, tannins, starch, sugars, mineral salts rich in phosphates and calcium oxalates.

Properties: emollient and anti-inflammatory on the mucous membranes of the respiratory system, stomach, intestine, kidneys and skin. By protecting the mucous membranes like a film, it is also useful in the treatment of esophagitis, gastritis, colitis, etc.

Oxxynea®: powder with high antioxidant power, obtained from a standardized mixture of 22 fruits and vegetables for an ORAC value> 5000.

Oxxynea® is 0.160 mg is equivalent to 1 portion of fruit and vegetables

Contains: polyphenols> 75% (anthocyanins, phenolic acids, procyanidins), bioflovonoids (hesperidin, naringin, quercetin), enzymes (papaya, bromelain), carotenoids (lycopene), vitamins, minerals and soluble fibers.

Properties: antioxidant, remineralizing.

Tea tree oil (Melaleuca) contains: cineol, p-cymene, alpha-terpineol (an alcohol that makes up 40% of the oil), monoterpenes (gamma-terpinene, alpha-terpinene, phenols, sesquiterpenes), eucalyptol.

Properties: germicidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, immunostimulant.

  • Fat cough
  • Phlogosis
  • Reduce bronchial secretion
  • General well-being

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