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Detoxfilla is a green food with detoxifying, antioxidant and oxygenating action. The very high content of pure Chlorophyll (95-105%) associated with Alpha Alpha (Alfalfa) source of minerals and vitamins (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, U) and Milk Thistle, an effective detoxifier of the liver, make it a natural drug, capable of eliminating endogenous toxins such as free and exogenous radicals, taken through cigarette smoke, polluting gases and junk food . Together with the purifying action on cells, tissues and organs such as liver and intestines, the Chlorophyll contained in Detoxfilla, represents a very powerful source of oxygen for the cell and for the blood, thus promoting the proper functioning of the brain and healthy skin and bright.

The chemical formula of Chlorophyll is similar to that of human blood hemoglobin: the difference consists in the presence of a magnesium atom instead of an iron one. In fact, it is often nicknamed "green blood". Just like hemoglobin, chlorophyll has the ability to easily bind to oxygen and transport it to tissues. Chlorophyll shows a marked ability to alkalize the tissues, especially in the intestine, a function that favors the correct elimination of toxins from the body.

Our body gives us signals when the quantity of toxins has exceeded the guard level: digestive disorders, intestinal gas formation, overweight, fatigue, unpleasant sweating, water retention, cellulite, eczema, dehydrated and aged skin, irritability, recurrent headaches , autoimmune diseases, neoplasms. If purification is the end and the excretory organs represent the means, external help is needed in the face of an excessive load of slag to be eliminated. An effective and natural tool is represented by Chlorophyll and, in particular, the very pure and highly bioavailable Chlorophyll contained in DETOXFILLA which is considered a real cell regenerator.


-Alkalizes the tissues, especially in the intestine, in simpler terms, means that it restores the physiological acid-base balance. This is thanks to the pure chlorophyll and alpha alpha, or the medicago sativa herb, which provide magnesium and other minerals and vitamins. This alkalizing action promotes, among other things, healing from dyspepsia and counteracts dysbiosis.

-It helps to create the biological soil suitable for the reproduction of aerobic bacteria that make up the healthy bacterial flora of the digestive tract, at the expense of the anaerobic ones that make up the harmful one. It guarantees an important normalizing activity of the bacterial flora, especially the intestinal one. That's why it is successfully used in the alterations of the intestinal flora.

-It also acts on the smooth fiber of the intestine, and this translates into an improvement of intestinal motility, and therefore, a valuable aid in fighting constipation.

-It prevents colorectal cancer.

-Highlights an important antioxidant action. It is in fact able to incorporate and eliminate the various toxins that accumulate in the form of RL, ROS and RNS.

-With its antioxidant action it restores youth, firmness, shine and hydration to the skin.

-Reduces or eliminates damage from cigarette smoke, polluting gases and junk food.

-Chela and eliminates toxic metals taken daily with contaminated food.

-Reduces the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma from aflatoxins.

-Depurates the liver thanks to the specific action of silymarin contained in Milk Thistle.

- Modulates the action of cytochrome P450 by inhibiting the conversion of pro-carcinogens into active carcinogens.

-Increases the immune defenses.

Milk thistle is a plant of the Italian herbal tradition widespread in central-southern regions and islands. Various properties are attributed to Milk thistle, among which hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties stand out. More specifically, these activities are attributed to the silymarin contained in the plant.

There are several studies that confirmed the aforementioned properties attributed to the plant, so much so that its use has been officially approved to assist:

-digestive function;

-liver function;

-the body's purifying functions;

-carbohydrate metabolism.

Composition: Copper chlorophyll tit. on the dry 95-105% 100mg, Alfa Alfa (Medicago sativa L. herba c. floribus) e.s. E / D: 1/4 50mg, Milk Thistle dry extract tit. 80% in Silymarin.

  • Acidosis
  • Alteration of bacterial flora
  • Immune deficiency
  • Detox
  • Gastro-intestinal well-being
  • General well-being
  • Support of liver function

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