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FRUIT BAR Limone e Spirulina


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Organic sprout millet bar with lemon and Italian spirulina.

Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) is a single-celled blue alga with a narrow and elongated shape that does not exceed half a millimeter in length.

Despite being in the category of blue algae, spirulina is dark green in color, a shade given by the presence of chlorophyll, whose pigments cover the bluish reflections of the polyacin and the yellow ones of the carotenoids.

The name "spirulina" instead derives from the shape of this alga that remembers, as one senses from its very name, that of a spiral.

The use of spirulina in food is very ancient, it seems to date back to the time of the Romans who destined it to the diet of the African populations (Spirulina platensis). This alga was also present in the diet of pre-Columbian civilizations (Spirulina maxima). Spirulina is particularly rich in proteins, essential amino acids and lipids. The fats contained in it belong to the large family of mono and polyunsaturates, with a clear prevalence of omega-6 compared to omega-3 and with high quantities of gamma linolenic acid; these nutrients, if well balanced between them, are considered able to improve blood cholesterol levels, triglycerides, normalize blood pressure, participate in the formation of myelin sheaths that cover the nerves and improve the functionality of the immune system.

Among the vitamins and functional substances that abound in spirulina we mention: tocopherol, some carotenoids (provitamins A, such as astaxanthin), inositol and many B vitamins.

Millet is a cereal. It belongs, in fact, to the Graminaceae family and is used in Europe mainly as a feed for birds and poultry. Rich in nutrients, millet is very useful for the digestive system, hair, nails and skin. Millet is mainly composed of carbohydrates and has a fair share of proteins. Its protein component is greater than that of other cereals and is more easily absorbed by the body. It is rich in mineral salts, including phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium.

Germination is the characteristic that distinguishes Sempreverde BIOGERMOGLI. It is a natural process that turns the seed into a sprout.

Each seed contains an embryo (a species of miniature plant) which, during the germination process, grows and synthesizes functional substances including enzymes, vitamins, proteins, trace elements, Omega 3. The sprout is carefully followed throughout the development phase , maintaining the right humidity and then being dehydrated through a careful drying process. In this way a truly healthy food without any contamination is obtained.

Seed activation involves a rehydration period in water and a pre-sprouting period. In nature the seed is covered with nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances (enzyme inhibitors, phytates, phytic acid, polyphenols, tannins) that give the characteristic bitter aftertaste of nuts and seeds and that the activation process applied is able to eliminate. The activated seeds (almonds, sunflower, flax) are more assimilable and digestible by the body, resulting lighter, nutritious and tasty.

Why consume the sprouts?

-Because they contain high percentages (up to 100% more than the seed) of proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and other beneficial substances such as fiber and essential fatty acids.

-Because they are more digestible: the proteins present in the grain undergo a transformation and are "predigested" by enzymes, breaking down into amino acids of easier and faster assimilation.

-Because they help the body to function properly: they contain metabolic enzymes that allow our body to remain healthy.

-Because they are alkalizing and counteract the acidification of the body.

Ingredients (no preservatives or colorings) : Dates *, sprouted millet * (17%), sesame seeds*, almonds *, lemon juice * (2.65%), lemon peel (2.65%), spirulina * (0.15%) , Vanilla *.


May contain traces of: shell fragments, soy and cashew nuts.

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The processing of snacks is completely handmade. All the ingredients are mixed "cold".

The Germination process transforms and synthesizes amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements present in the seed. This process makes nutritional capital bioavailable and highly assimilated. The seeds are activated.

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