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Mandorle attivate


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Activated Evergreen BIOGERMOGLI Almonds are sweeter and more crunchy thanks to the soaking and slow drying process at low temperatures.

The inactivated almonds (raw or toasted) that contain enzymatic inhibitors that prevent the digestive system from completely extracting their precious nutrients. However, by soaking them in water, it is possible to make them germinate. At this point, all the proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids they contain will be activated, while enzyme inhibitors will be deactivated.

There are numerous advantages deriving from the consumption of activated almonds, including:

- Increased enzymatic activity

- Improvement of nutrient absorption

- Higher protein, vitamin and mineral content

- Improved digestibility

- Reduction of phytic acid and other anti-nutrients

- Resolution of digestive problems and inflammation

Ingredients (without preservatives or colorings): 100% organic almonds activated.

May contain traces of celery, mustard, peanuts, soy, walnuts, hazelnuts, shells and fruit seeds.

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