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Tissukoil spray contains ozonated oil that derives from the encounter between extra virgin olive oil and ozone; thanks to bubbling processes, the "ozonides" are formed, compounds in which the double bonds of the fatty acids present in the oil are saturated by 3 ozone molecules. Ozone does not alter the pH, does not irritate skin and mucous membranes, does not cause allergic reactions. Ozonated oil is able to give oxygen to the cells of the epidermis more effectively, slowing down the degenerative process. The ozonation also has the result of making the oil less greasy to the touch, so that it can be applied more easily every day.

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is an effective natural analgesic, free of side effects, able to counteract inflammatory and painful processes. The mechanism of action of the molecule was discovered by Rita Levi Montalcini, Nobel Prize for medicine. PEA is found in a large number of foods (peanuts, peas, eggs, soy, tomatoes) and is also produced by different cells in our body. In addition to interfering with inflammation, it reduces hyperalgesia due to compression of the peripheral nerve. It is a molecule with numerous potentialities, not exclusively related to inflammation; in fact it is also useful for the treatment of chronic pain, as well as for various autoimmune diseases.

Colloidal Silver creates an adverse effect on microbial growth. Colloidal silver is a universal remedy with almost no side effects to treat many diseases. In many publications it has been shown to act against bacteria (eg staphylococci and streptococci), viruses and fungi (eg Candida albicans). In addition to having an anti-inflammatory action, the silver ions promote the formation of new epithelial tissue and accelerate healing. In the initial healing phase, the wounded tissue absorbs more silver than in subsequent ones, probably because healthy tissue (epithelium) constitutes a partial barrier to silver. His action here is therefore double, since protection from infections after a burn, for example, is of extreme importance. Probably colloidal silver facilitates the production of undifferentiated cells destined to replace those aged or damaged.

Jaluronic acid, together with ozonized olive oil, facilitates the process of skin repair.

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The product is contained in a 50.00 ml spray bottle.

  • Chronic skin lesions and bedsores
  • Cicatrize

Topical applications of ozonated oil on damaged tissues (wounds of various kinds) demonstrate a regenerating and healing capacity of the lesion and this is due to a combination of factors:

- increase in the number of fibroblasts;

- increase in the number of neo-vases that make the fabric more organized and sprayed;

- incoming oxygen supply on site;

- increase in the enzymatic activity that defends against substances that damage tissues;

-sanitization thanks to the control action on the microbial flora;

- energy contribution for the formation of ATP.

Its clinical use has been evaluated in the treatment of dermal-epidermal lesions (eg cutaneous ulcers) and indeed an improvement has been observed, accelerating the tissue repair process.

The complete experimental study is as follows:


Numerous studies have been carried out on PEA (palmitoylethanolamide) demonstrating its anti-inflammatory power. It is a molecule synthesized from different cells of our body, but it is also present in different plants and foods (egg yolk, peanuts ...). In particular, it would seem to reduce mast cell migration and degranulation, reducing the hyperactivation of these cells involved in the inflammatory process. It also seems to reduce cyclooxygenase and NO synthase (inducible and endothelial). The analgesic role seems to be due to the fact that this molecule has a remarkable affinity for the orphan cannabinoid receptors GPR55 and GPR119, as well as for the nuclear PPAR-alpha receptor.



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