• ENERGY BAR Mandorle Cacao crudo

ENERGY BAR Mandorle Cacao crudo


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Organic raw cocoa bar.

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is a plant belonging to the Sterculiaceae family native to South America. Cocoa powder contains the following alkaloids: caffeine and theobromine both with stimulating properties. Cocoa has one of the highest antioxidant properties ever, about 19 times more potent than an apple, which is notoriously considered an excellent antioxidant. The qualities of cocoa are varied: it is indicated as energy, slightly stimulating and according to some studies it would also have anti-depressant virtues.

Germination is the characteristic that distinguishes Sempreverde BIOGERMOGLI. It is a natural process that turns the seed into a sprout.

Each seed contains an embryo (a species of miniature plant) which, during the germination process, grows and synthesizes functional substances including enzymes, vitamins, proteins, trace elements, Omega 3. The sprout is carefully followed throughout the development phase , maintaining the right humidity and then being dehydrated through a careful drying process. In this way a truly healthy food without any contamination is obtained.

Seed activation involves a rehydration period in water and a pre-sprouting period. In nature the seed is covered with nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances (enzyme inhibitors, phytates, phytic acid, polyphenols, tannins) that give the characteristic bitter aftertaste of nuts and seeds and that the activation process applied is able to eliminate. The activated seeds (almonds, sunflower, flax) are more assimilable and digestible by the body, resulting lighter, nutritious and tasty.

Why consume the sprouts?

-Because they contain high percentages (up to 100% more than the seed) of proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and other beneficial substances such as fiber and essential fatty acids.

-Because they are more digestible: the proteins present in the grain undergo a transformation and are "predigested" by enzymes, breaking down into amino acids of easier and faster assimilation.

-Because they help the body to function properly: they contain metabolic enzymes that allow our body to remain healthy.

-Because they are alkalizing and counteract the acidification of the body.

Ingredients (without coloring or preservatives): Dates *, Sprouted buckwheat * (20.5%), Almonds *, Cocoa * (4%), hemp protein *.


May contain traces of shell fragments, sesame, soy, cashew nuts.

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Deadline: 12 months

The processing of snacks is completely handmade. All the ingredients are mixed "cold".

The Germination process transforms and synthesizes amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and trace elements present in the seed. This process makes nutritional capital bioavailable and highly assimilated. The seeds are activated.

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