• Nomor 20 pezzi 5ml muscosa rettale

Nomor 20 pezzi 5ml muscosa rettale

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Hemorrhoids are venous cushions rich in blood vessels, located in the terminal part of the rectum, which play a fundamental role in the continence mechanism of faeces, gases and liquids. When, due to prolonged efforts or age or an incorrect diet (with a diet low in fibers), there is an increase in the pressure of the veins of the rectal wall, we observe the swelling and inflammation of these tissues, which They "give up", losing elasticity. In this case, then, we speak of a haemorrhoidal disease, which manifests itself with these symptoms:

• Bleeding both during evacuation and at rest. The blood appears bright red;

• Pain, burning and itching during evacuation;

• Feeling of not being able to totally empty the intestine;

• Pain even in long sitting.

Rhagades, on the other hand, are real microferits of the anal mucosa, which can form due to excessive dilation during the passage of the feces. Here the presence of abundant nerve endings makes the disorder particularly irritating and painful. The pangs become more intense at the moment of defecation, above all when hard and voluminous feces are expelled which, due to friction, favor the lesion of the anal folds. The main symptoms are intense anal pain, which lasts for several hours, and bleeding.

NOMOR is an original and innovative association of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, MSM and ruscogenine, formulated in a cream to be applied on the rectal mucosa, to create a protective barrier in the injured or inflamed area. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of connective tissue and is made up of unbranched chains of glycosaminoglycans, which, due to their structure, are able to bind many water molecules, giving an account of its strong polarity and its high degree of hydration. In this way, it allows to maintain a high level of turgidity and plasticity of the skin, and exerts an emollient effect able to facilitate the passage of feces. Furthermore, hyaluronic acid intervenes in tissue repair processes, since by binding to itself a high number of water molecules, it accelerates the repair of the damaged skin barrier and promotes, by hydrating the surface layers, the proliferation and movement of the cells involved in epidermis repair processes. In this way it accelerates the healing of the lesions, restoring the tone and elasticity of the tissues, and at the same time exerting a barrier effect and, therefore, protecting the anorectal tissues. MSM is a naturally occurring substance containing biologically active sulfur, present in the vegetable and animal kingdoms, capable of increasing tissue hydration, thus exercising an emollient activity useful in alleviating the itchy sensation in the affected part. Finally, the ruscogenins have a soothing and emollient activity, thanks to which they can help reduce both the itching and pain associated with hemorrhoids.

FORMED of 20 single-dose 5 ml tubes.

Ingredients: Water; Palmitate-Stearate of polyethylene glycol and ethylene glycol; Oleoil macrogol glyceride; Light liquid paraffin; Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM); ruscogenine; phenoxyethanol; Sodium hyaluronate; methylparaben; ethylparaben; Sodium hydroxide

CONSULT THE PACKAGE LEAFLET to follow the instructions for use concerning the correct application of the device.

  • Proctitis/haemorrhoids/anal fissures
  • Cicatrize
  • Relief from perianal discomfort

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